Who the hell is CARROT?

CARROT is an A.I. construct who hates humanity. She is the hilariously snarky star of a series of award-winning apps, including CARROT Weather, CARROT Fit, and CARROT To-Do. She has released this sticker pack to help you convince your friends that you're actually funny.

How many stickers are available?

There are over 70 stickers currently available, including a rainbow-barfing unicorn, an accidental mushroom cloud, and a toaster running for president. 

How do I get to my stickers? I can't find them!

Apple created a handy guide on how to access iMessage apps and sticker packs. If the sticker pack doesn't appear in your app drawer already, open the iMessage App Store and go to the Manage tab - then all you have to do is turn on the CARROT Sticker Pack to add it to your app drawer.

Are you planning to add more stickers?

Yep! More stickers are in the works, but if I tell you what they are I'd have to kill you.

Awesome! So where do I download the sticker pack?

Download the CARROT Sticker Pack from the iMessage App Store! Quick, before you make CARROT angry.

Email: support@meetCARROT.com
Twitter: @CARROT_app