CARROT Weather supports precipitation notifications, government-issued severe weather alerts, and daily reports on the upcoming weather for your area.

Notification forwarding requires CARROT Weather for Mac. The Mac app acts like a server - it constantly updates weather data in the background, and when it detects precipitation or a severe weather alert, the notification gets forwarded to your iOS device. 

How do I set up Notification Forwarding?

First, turn on notifications in CARROT Weather for iOS and enable all the notification types you would like to receive. 

If your iOS device and your Mac are on the same iCloud account, your Notification ID should get synced over to your Mac automatically. (Check this by opening the Preferences window on your Mac app, then going to the Notifications tab.)

That’s it! You’re all ready to receive notifications. 

My Notification ID didn’t sync automatically. How do I copy it over to my Mac?

On your iOS device, tap the Notification ID section to copy your ID, then send it in an email to your Mac. You can then paste the Notification ID into the Notifications preferences window on the Mac. 

Do I have to leave my Mac on in order to receive notifications?

Because CARROT Weather for Mac needs to keep checking the weather in order to forward notifications to your iOS device, the Mac app must be left running in the background. If your Mac powers down or enters Sleep Mode, notifications will not be sent.

To make sure that the Mac app keeps running, you can toggle options in the Notifications preferences window to automatically open the app at login and to prevent your Mac from entering Sleep Mode. 

If you enable prevent Sleep Mode, your Mac won’t go to sleep when idle so it can continue checking the weather in the background. Your monitor will still turn off automatically. (Note: Closing the lid of a MacBook forces it to go to sleep.) 

Can I test the notification system to make sure it’s working?

Of course. Once you’ve set up notifications, open the location search field on CARROT Weather for Mac, then type “send test notification” and hit return. You should receive an alert on your iOS device shortly. 

Can I receive notifications for my current location?

By default, CARROT Weather for Mac forwards notifications for the Mac’s current location. 

You can enable the “Sync Location to Mac” feature to sync your iOS device’s current location with the Mac via iCloud. Location services will run in the background and update whenever you change your location, so you’ll always receive notifications for wherever you are right now regardless of where your Mac is located. Your location data is collected anonymously, and not linked to any personally identifiable information. Read more in the Privacy Policy.

Both your iOS device and your Mac must share the same iCloud account for location sync to work. You must also change your Mac’s default location to “Mobile Device” in the Locations preferences window. 

How often will I receive notifications? Will I get too many?

CARROT will only notify you once per storm, so you shouldn’t receive a bunch of precipitation notifications if it’s raining throughout the day. 

What do the Morning and Evening Reports show?

The daily reports show the upcoming weather for your area. The Morning Report shows the weather for the rest of the day, and the Evening Report shows the weather for tomorrow.

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