Does CARROT Weather work worldwide?

Yep! You get coverage from the North Pole to the South Pole and everywhere in between. 

(Note: Rain prediction is available only in the US, UK, Ireland, and parts of Canada. Everything else works worldwide.)

How accurate are CARROT’s weather forecasts?

Eerily accurate! CARROT’s forecasts are powered by, the world’s most accurate weather service. Just check out their ridiculously awesome raw data feed.

Raw data's great and all, but what does CARROT actually show me?

She always displays the current conditions at the top of the screen. And you can swipe left or right to toggle the forecast platform between short-term, 24-hour, and 7-day forecasts. Finally, you can swipe up to view a super-detailed forecast, positively dripping with meteorological goodness.

Can CARROT really predict rainfall down to the minute?

Indeed she can! CARROT can also tell you exactly how much it’s going to rain, so you’ll know if you should expect a drizzle or a torrential downpour.

And if there's snow in your future, you'll know how many inches will be coming down over the next hour - and for the rest of the day!

Can she send me a notification when it’s going to rain? Or when there’s a severe weather alert for my area?

CARROT supports precipitation and severe weather alerts, plus daily reports on the upcoming weather for your area. But you’ll need to purchase CARROT Weather for Mac or the premium subscription for CARROT Weather for Apple Watch to activate this feature. 

Can CARROT actually change the weather?

Of course not! 

I mean, technically she has that ability, but there are foolproof security checks in place to ensure that she cannot create a superstorm that will wipe out all humanity.

So you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

It’d sure be nice if CARROT had radar and satellite maps to track incoming storms, too.

Lucky for you, she does. CARROT displays radar maps for the U.S. and satellite maps for everyone else.

What about a Today widget for the Notification Center?

Of course there’s a Today widget! It even comes with five different display options. You can go from a simple one-sentence readout to a full display of the current, hourly, and daily forecast for your location.

Does she support complications on the Apple Watch?

Yep! CARROT has the most advanced set of complications on the App Store: they look nicer, load faster, and display more - and more useful - data than all her competitors.  

If you upgrade to premium, you'll unlock hourly updates, rain prediction, and a whole host of customization options: change colors, switch between actual and "feels like" temps, and add extra data points like UV index and precipitation chance to both the large and small slots. (Examples.)

Why does a weather app include access to a time machine?

So you can view the weather for any location - up to 70 years in the past or 10 years in the future! It’s perfect for finding out how warm it’ll be for your big vacation next May, or if it was ominously cloudy on the day of your birth. (DeLorean not included.)

How much do CARROT's dialogue and themes change?

From spooky fog to icy blizzards, CARROT has different themes for every possible weather condition. With over 2,000 lines of dialogue and over 100 hilarious "weather scenes," you'll never have more fun checking the weather.

Look out for space pandas, evil penguins, attack ostriches, and so much more. Just be prepared to hear in exacting detail just what CARROT really thinks of TV weathermen.

What are these secret locations I keep hearing about?

You can unlock 30+ amazing secret locations - like the Moon, Mount Doom, and Nakatomi Plaza - just by using CARROT. Be warned, though: you're going to get addicted to hunting them down.

A Mac or Apple TV version is probably too much to hope for… 

Dreams do come true, because CARROT Weather is available on both the Mac and Apple TV App Stores!

Awesome! So where do I download the app?

Download CARROT Weather for iOS and Apple Watch from the App Store! Quick, before you make CARROT angry.

Twitter: @CARROT_app