Recur Support

Recur is a "reverse to-do list."

It's designed to help you keep track of the stuff you've already done, with timestamps to show you how long it's been since the event was last completed and a counter to show how many times the event has occurred.

Recur is perfect for tracking stuff you do frequently (like going to the gym), stuff you do less frequently (like buying flowers for your wife), and big one-time events (the birth of your child).

Add an event

Add a new event by tapping the plus button in the top right corner - or, if you're feeling adventurous, just pull down on your list. You can add a title for the event as well as a date to signify when the event occurred (if you don't specify a date, the date defaults to the current day and time).

Tapping an event on your list will bring up three buttons: refresh, reminder, and delete.


The refresh button allows you to increment the counter on an event and update the event with a new timestamp. Pro users can also swipe to the right to quickly refresh the event with the current date and time.


The reminder button allows you to set a reminder for the event. You can choose to set the reminder up as a one-time notification, or you can make the reminder repeat. Once the reminder's set, you can tap the reminder button again to either edit the reminder or remove it.

Delete / decrement

The delete button allows you to delete the event or, if you've refreshed the event more than once, to decrement the event's counter by 1 and reset the timestamp to the previous date.

CARROT integration

Finally, Recur gives you the option to import refreshed events into CARROT To-Do if you have the app installed. Recur will ask you if you'd like to enable this option after you refresh your first item. You can also toggle this option in Recur's menu.

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