How do I play this crazy game?

For every decision regarding how to train your AI or handle the bizarre requests of Silicon Valley residents, you can make just two possible choices. Slide left or right to decide... but remember, your choices have consequences.

Consequences? What consequences?

Your decisions affect four different factions in Silicon Valley: your employees, your investors, the government, and the internet. You have to keep all four factions in balance if you don't want to get forced out of your startup by your investors or get arrested by the FBI.

And the goal is... what, exactly?

To level up your dumb-as-rocks AI to the point where she’s millions of times smarter than every human who ever lived, combined.

What's the deal with the parallel universes?

Every time you play, you start in a new parallel universe. Most universes are pretty similar to ours, but some have… diverged wildly.

C'mon, are there really 52 unique endings?


How do I unlock everything?

That would be telling. 

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