Using the app

CARROT was designed by her Maker to be unbelievably easy to use. Just pull down to add a task, swipe right to complete it. That’s it. (At least at first. CARROT evolves new abilities as you use her.)

To reveal her menu, simply swipe to the left. You'll find CARROT's current mood here, along with access to her settings.

Mood swings

CARROT has six different moods, ranging from joyful to wrathful.

You can improve her mood by completing tasks.

If you haven’t completed a task in a while, however, her mood will begin to deteriorate.

Leveling up

CARROT awards points for each task you complete. The number of points you receive depends on CARROT’s current mood and how long it's been since the task was created.

Gain enough points, you level up and receive a reward.


CARROT has over 400 unique rewards to dole out. Certain rewards involve upgrades to her abilities, while others detail an epic story (yes, CARROT’s a to-do list with a story!). Some rewards even change depending on her current mood.

She also tailors her rewards based on the tasks you enter. If you mention going on a diet or hitting the gym, CARROT will entice you to eat brownies or ice cream. She’s cruel like that.

Shop N Slack Store

CARROT has stocked the Shop N Slack with the finest cheats and customization upgrades this side of Antarctica!

Cheats: Double your points or the time it takes to make CARROT angry. Or, if you really want to slack off, purchase the Ultimate Cheat Code – and turn off CARROT’s mood swings altogether.

Customizers: From a beautiful new theme that changes colors based on CARROT’s current mood to a new, high-pitched sound pack, you’re sure to find something you love in this section of the store.

Catwear: I mean, who WOULDN’T want to buy a pirate costume for their kitten?!


CARROT’s look and feel can be modified using the Customizer, accessible via the menu. Switch themes or change your task completion icon here. Additional customization options are available via the Shop N Slack store.


CARROT has a story to tell – and it’s different depending on whether you’re on CARROT’s good or bad side.

Three chapters have been released so far in this epic, branching story, with more planned for the future.


CARROT may start off as a simple to-do list with just a few features, but as you get stuff done in real life and level up in her game, she’ll start to evolve new features.

When you hit level 3, for example, you unlock the ability to rearrange the tasks in your list. At level 13, meanwhile, CARROT will figure out how to talk to you when you’re not using her.

There are a lot more unlockables planned for future updates, so stay tuned.

iCloud Progress Sync

The progress sync feature allows you to sync your current level and upgrades across devices. Everything happens automagically - you don't have to do a thing! Once you've gained a few levels in CARROT To-Do on one device, you can launch the app on a second device and you'll get a popup asking if you'd like to sync your progress. All hail the mighty cloud!

Sync can be turned on or off by entering "CARROT iCloud" in the command line.

(Note: If you're having issues getting sync to work, go to your Settings app, then tap iCloud, then Documents & Data, then make sure Use Cellular Data is set to "on." A bug in iOS prevents data from syncing even over wifi if this setting is switched off.)

Task syncing will be coming in a future update.

Cat-Cam Stream

CARROT unlocks access to the Cat-Cam video stream at level 10. Just tap on “Cat-Cam” in CARROT’s menu to check in on your little kitten pal. You’ll be able to pet him, name him, dress him in premium costumes, and even feed him to earn bonus points!

There are currently 4 premium costumes to choose from: cowboy, dapper, pirate, and hipster. In addition to the new look, your kitten will also say different things when wearing a costume.

Once you unlock the ability to feed your kitten at level 12, just tap the feed button and choose a tasty treat from the menu. One feeding will last a full 24 hours and, as long as your cat’s belly is full, CARROT will give you bonus points. CARROT can remind you when it’s time to feed your kitten. (You can turn this reminder off by tapping the “more” button in the Cat-Cam feed.)

And remember to be careful: your kitten’s well-being depends entirely on your ability to keep CARROT happy.

Reminders & recurring tasks

CARROT can set reminders/due dates for tasks once you unlock this feature at level 18. Just double tap on a task, then select when you want to be reminded.

Later today – You’ll get a reminder in 3 hours.

Tomorrow – You’ll get a reminder at 8 AM tomorrow.

Next week – You’ll get a reminder next Monday at 8 AM.

Pick date – Pick a specific day and time you’d like to be reminded.

Once you’ve set a reminder, a blue dot will appear next to the task. For tasks that are past due, this dot will turn red.

To clear a reminder, just double tap the task and then tap “clear reminder.”

Beginning at level 28, you can create recurring tasks. Just double tap a task, then tap “pick date.” Pick the date and time you’d like your reminder to start, then tap “recur” to choose whether you’d like this to be a daily, weekly, or monthly reminder.

To clear a recurring task, just double tap the task and then tap “clear reminder.”

Note: Once you complete a recurring task, you have to wait one hour before you can complete it again. No cheating!

Siri integration

CARROT can integrate with Siri and Apple’s Reminders app once you unlock this feature at level 24 (or, if you're already at or above level 24 when you apply the 3.0 update, you'll have to level up one or two times before she'll explain and unlock the feature for you).

Note: You must have a list named either "Reminders" or "CARROT" in Apple's Reminders app for this feature to work. (Capitalization matters!)

Just tell Siri “remind me to kick a hipster at 9pm” and CARROT will import the task the next time you launch her. When CARROT creates the task, she will complete the corresponding item in the Reminders app so you don’t get reminded twice. (The task doesn’t get deleted from your Reminders app – you can still find it in your completed list.)

If you don’t want all of your reminders to get imported into CARROT, add a new list named “CARROT” (all caps!) to the Reminders app. Next, quit CARROT by double tapping the home button and removing her from the multitasking drawer. Then, tell Siri “Add feed attack ostriches to my CARROT list.” When you next launch CARROT, this task will get added to your list. (Meanwhile, if you tell Siri “remind me to stop being lazy,” this item will remain in your default reminders list.)

If you’re having trouble, make sure that you have a list named either “Reminders” or “CARROT” in Apple’s Reminders app. (Capitalization matters!) Then, ensure iCloud sync is turned on for Reminders. Finally, quit and relaunch CARROT – she can only look for new lists on a full relaunch.

(Note: CARROT does not yet understand location-based reminders.)


CARROT responds to commands typed in her command line (i.e., the same place where you enter new tasks).

All commands must be preceded with “CARROT” (i.e., “CARROT dance for me”), and some commands won't be available until you unlock them.

“Undo” – If you complete a task by mistake, just type “CARROT undo” (or shake your device) to restore it to your list. CARROT only stores the last task you completed, so no multiple undos.

“I’m bored” – Get suggestions on stuff for you to do. (Unlocks at level 7.)

"Back me up girlfriend" - Back up your to-do list and completed list to a .txt file, which CARROT will allow you to email to yourself.

“Alert me in X hours” – Set the amount of time it takes for CARROT’s nag alerts to appear on your device after you’ve stopped using her. For example, type “CARROT alert me in 1 hour” to receive a notification 1 hour after you stop using her. (Unlocks at level 13.)

“Clear complete” – Clear all tasks from your completed items list. Warning! This action cannot be undone. (Unlocks at level 11.)

“Toggle icon” – Once you unlock your task completion icon upgrade at level 32, you can switch back to the original checkmark using this command. (Unlocks at level 32.)

“Don’t shame me” – Turn off the public shaming popup that appears every once in a while once you’ve descended to CARROT’s wrathful mood.

“Reset” – Reset your progress to level 1. Warning! This action cannot be undone.

There are a couple fun commands that you can try for yourself, like “dance for me”, “write me a poem”, “sing me a song”, “let’s play a game”, “who are you”, and “do you love me?”.

Future updates

CARROT’s Maker has big plans for her. Look for more unlockable app upgrades and additional story chapters – plus a few surprises – in the future.

Your continued support will ensure these updates keep coming, so tell your friends and remember to rate CARROT in the App Store!

One last thing...

Don’t poke CARROT’s eye. She doesn’t like that.

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